About the Chef…

Every cake is special.

erinelainescakes@gmail.com | Fate, TX 75087 | 469-516-3169

...As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed baking. I have imagined owning my own bakery for quite some time. The smell of freshly baked treats & aromatic coffee floating in the air. The feeling of family that comes from a group of people who are sharing stories, laughs, and great food. THAT is my passion! I love creating new things for my family to try. With a hungry man and two kids to taste test, I have plenty of opportunity to experiment. Having a job, family, and a busy life any mother can relate to hasn’t allowed me to realize my dream to the fullest yet, but until I do...I keep doing what I do best. Baking amazing items for my friends, family, and a growing group of loyal fans who believe that Erin Elaine’s Cakes can’t be beat!  

For several years now I have been honing my craft, creating new flavor combinations, exciting designs, and delivering professionally done cakes to dozens of satisfied customers. Being a Type 1 diabetic has also driven me to try and create some items that are a little more friendly to those of us who shouldn’t have as much sugar. So if you’re like me and need a sugar substitute, or just looking to be a little more healthy, ask about some of my sugar free flavors too!

I have worked in my own kitchen as well as professional kitchens & bakeries; baking and decorating some of the most amazing sweets & treats imaginable. From cakeballs for an elegant Sunday brunch, to children’s birthday cakes. Cupcakes & pastries to Wedding and Grooms cakes. Edible images, 3D cakes, cookies & more. Erin Elaine’s Cakes can make any event a little sweeter with my one of a kind creations.